community initiatives

The Initiative consists of Adopt a Road Roadside Cleaning
and National Environmental Consciousness Programme

Adopt a Road:

A national anti-litter initiative whereby South African business choose to sponsor a selected stretch of road / street to be kept clear of litter by a B-BBEE-Franchisee of IWESCO (Pty) Ltd.

    National Environmental Consciousness Programme: 30% of the funds sponsored by participating companies are used to finance an awareness programme in the media and at educational institutions a promotional programme for recycling at source selectively setting up recycling stations at sponsors’ outlets all resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.


The Clean SA Foundation is a not for profit organisation
driving a national anti-litter campaign that creates
environmental consciousness among all South Africans.


We have to stop littering


Leading Businesses in South Africa sponsor stretches of
road to be kept litter-free – this is called Adopt a Road.
30% of all funds received through Adopt a Road are
allocated to the Clean SA Foundation.

The environmental consciousness campaign focuses on
local communities; to sensitise everybody and in
particular the youth to a healthy, clean, green
environment in South Africa.

“We don't want to keep on spending
time and money on picking up rubbish
next to the roads: We would rather
create an awareness that tossing
rubbish through windows is not cool,
and get down to the serious business
of saving the only planet we have.”