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Recruitment and Training

Training Policy

  • IWESCO is committed to providing ongoing training. The outcome is the development of a continuous improvement in delivering a quality service.
  • All staff is provided with the necessary training so that each member is able to fulfil their role in this quality improvement programme.
  • Induction training is provided to all new employees irrespective of the level of entry to the company.
  • IWESCO is focussed on developing their own personnel to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements of the market place.

This Is achieved through:

  • In-house training sessions.
  • On-site continuous self-improvement training.
  • External specialised courses to meet the needs of the market place.

Training Manual

IWESCO has developed a comprehensive cleaning training manual, which has been specifically designed to provide information on all aspects of cleaning operations.

Employee Recruitment will Incorporate the Following Criteria:

  • Training in colour coding and green cleaning and according to ISO14001 and NCCA standards.
  • Security checks (Police Clearance).


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