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How do you tell if your home has termites?

Since termites live under logs or inside wooden objects, it can be difficult to see them. A termite infestation can cause extensive damage to the structure of your home, leading to a costly repair. It is recommended to get a professional pest control company to inspect your home at least once a year to prevent such infestations of termites and even flies. However, there are some indicators that can help you determine whether your home has termites.

Hollowed or damaged wood

Hollowed wood has a honeycomb-like interior and a resonant tone when tapped. Termites consume wood from the inside out, leaving a thin layer of wood or paint behind. If you knock on the wood and it sounds hollow, this indicates that the wood has been eaten away. Be careful when picking up wooden furniture that sounds hollow as it can easily crumble and break.

Termite mud tunnels

Termites build mud tunnels that provide a secure passage to and from their nest and food sources. This mudding is impossible to see if it is hidden behind your walls or underground, but it can occasionally be visible in your home's brick foundations or brickwork. Keep an eye on wooden beams, pillars and ceiling panels too - traces of mud can sometimes be spotted along these surfaces.

Cornice cracks or door jams

Termites eat away at the wood in your walls or doors, causing the structural integrity to deteriorate and cracks to appear. While cracks can be caused by the natural expansion and contraction of your home, you should never assume that they are not caused by a termite infestation. Wall cornices and doors should be inspected if cracks suddenly appear. It is always better to be on the safe side.

Tight-fitting doors, windows and blistering

As termites excrete mud, it forms a humid environment that traps heat and moisture. This causes timber to swell, making it difficult to open or close a window or door. Blisters on the surface of wooden doors and windows can also suggest that termites are feeding inside or underneath the wood. Subterranean termites can cause floor deterioration, giving the appearance of water damage to your wooden flooring.

Unfortunately, just because you don't see any signs of termites doesn't mean they don't exist. Termite damage can go undetected for long periods and by the time it is discovered, substantial structural damage has already occurred. When it comes to termite management, it is best to be proactive. Contact us today to get a quote for termite eradication.


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