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IWESCO offers specialised cleaning services

IWESCO offers specialised cleaning services

There is always a need for specialised cleaning services, especially in the industrial sector. Any business can benefit from these services, but manufacturing plants, factories, refineries and food production facilities certainly need expert cleaning on a regular basis. IWESCO offers highly-specialised cleaning and hygiene solutions to a range of businesses in multiple industries throughout South Africa.

We have skilled staff that are properly trained in these offerings. The need for high-tech equipment and specialised cleaning chemicals necessitates this training and knowledge. As a fully-compliant member of the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA), IWESCO is dedicated to meeting the high standards within the contract cleaning industry in South Africa. We use the best equipment and top-quality cleaning agents to achieve the most thorough results.

Specialised services on offer

What are specialised cleaning services and how do they differ from regular contract cleaning? In a nutshell, specialised services require specific cleaning equipment for a particular job. Unlike regular contract cleaning that can be done with standard tools and appliances (pressure washers, polishers, carpet vacuum cleaners and steamers), specialised services require better cleaning chemicals, proper personal protective equipment and unique equipment.

IWESCO can complete the following cleaning jobs and meet the client’s particular requirements, no matter the industry:

  • Harsh product cleaning

  • Machine washing

  • Tank cleaning

  • Silo cleaning

  • Hygiene equipment disinfection

  • Kitchen cleaning

  • High-pressure washing

  • Dry ice cleaning

  • Thermal fogging

We will keep your workspace in top condition, whether it is a factory, retail space, warehouse or public space. Our team knows exactly what equipment to use and which cleaning agents will deliver the best results. Contact us today to set up a consultation or to get a quote. Our expert staff members can advise on the particulars of each job, depending on your industry and requirements. IWESCO can have a team on-site within a matter of days.


IWESCO offers specialised cleaning and waste control services to industrial and commercial customers in South Africa. These services are aimed at minimising our customers’ impact on the environment. Our services also include pest control, garden maintenance, fogging and disinfecting. Our staff are highly trained to offer the most professional services. IWESCO is a Level 2 B-BBEE supplier with ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.


We are a one-stop shop for all your contract cleaning and waste control needs and have a national footprint. Our head office is located in Tshwane but we can provide services to any industrial and commercial client in the major metropolitan areas around South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Mbombela and more.


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