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Quick and easy checklist for garden maintenance

Gardens require regular maintenance and the list of tasks can often be quite long. It is easy to forget about all of the requirements that need to be done, which can lead to neglect and a sorrowful garden. To keep your yard in pristine condition, here is a complete checklist for garden maintenance:

Lawn checklist

Lawn often accounts for a large portion of a garden in South Africa, so it’s important to follow this checklist for green, luscious grass.

  • Mow the lawn as required to maintain a well-kept look.

  • Aerate waterlogged soil using a pitchfork to ensure that the lawn roots do not die.

  • Enrich the soil beneath the lawn by adding fertiliser, if required.

  • Water the lawn twice a week to ensure that the grass maintains a vibrant shade of green.

Hedges and flowerbeds checklist

Hedges and flower beds add architectural appeal to the landscape of your garden. However, these two areas need a lot of maintenance. Overgrown hedges and flower beds may have a negative impact on the appearance of the yard, so follow this checklist for guidance.

  • Remove weeds once a week to ensure that your flower beds are not overrun and to create more space for intended plants to grow.

  • Trim hedges once a month to give your garden a more neat appearance.

  • If there are any pests in your garden, take immediate action before all of your plants are destroyed.

  • Prune shrubs in your flower beds at the end of winter to promote healthy growth during spring.

  • Bury organic food waste in your flower beds to enrich the soil.

  • Water your flower beds at least once a week in the dry season, otherwise allow Mother Nature to take care of the garden’s water requirements during the rainy season.

Other areas to consider

  • Clean the driveway, paths and concrete areas to remove dirt, grime and mould. This will give your garden a more immaculate appearance.

  • You may want to avoid raking up leaves in the dry season as they act as a natural mulch that traps moisture in the soil. During the rainy season, you can remove dead leaves from the lawn and flower beds.

  • Make sure the sprinkler systems are working properly as this will save money and minimise water usage.

These garden maintenance tasks will help to ensure that you don't overlook anything. Due to the comprehensive nature of garden maintenance, you may lack the necessary equipment, time or skills to perform all of these tasks. In such cases, contact a professional team that can help you turn your garden into a lush and immaculate space


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