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Recycling tips for the new year

Recycling tips for the new year

“New year, new me” - a phrase we hear often at this time of year. January always brings change with it; new year’s resolutions, new homes and new jobs. It’s a perfect time to throw out clutter and make a clean start to the year. Recycling is a vital part of waste management, so play your part and make recycling an easy resolution for 2023.

Paper is among the most common waste products after the festive season. According to RecyclePaperZA, white office paper is one of the least-recycled paper products in South Africa. This is due to the filing and storage of documents, which can (and should) be thrown out in the new year. Wrapping paper is a common product that is processed by recycling facilities in January.

Other recyclable products, such as plastics, metals and glass, should be discarded in a designated recycling bin instead of a general waste bin. Implementing effective recycling procedures in your home is easy and there is no better time to start than now. Here are some recycling tips for the new year.

Make recycling a resolution for the new year

  • Have separate bins or containers for each of your recyclables. This keeps them clean, dry and ready for the recycling facility.

  • Wash food scraps and leftover beverages from your plastic and paper waste. Allow them to dry before placing them in the correct bin.

  • Be sure to recycle wrapping paper, office paper, gift boxes and all other recyclable materials if you are cleaning out your home or office.

  • Keep white bond paper separate from other papers, if possible. This will help the recycling facility with sorting.

  • Try to flatten out crumpled paper and boxes from gifts as it will help with transport and processing.

  • Remove plastic binders and covers from office files and waste paper. These must be placed in the plastic recycling bin.

  • Shredding confidential documents can pose a problem for certain recycling facilities, so rather tear them once down the middle of the page. This improves the quality of the recycled paper and keeps the fibres intact.

  • Remember, foil-lined boxes and foil gift wrap are not recyclable. Neither are wax-coated papers, frozen food boxes, carbon paper or sticky notes.

  • Milk cartons, juice boxes and wine boxes are recyclable in South Africa. Be sure to rinse these out and allow them to dry before flattening them and placing them in the appropriate bin.

Recycling is a simple process that requires only a few changes in your home or office. Once the various bins have been set up, you will find it easy to get into the habit of separating your waste. This helps recycling facilities tremendously; separation at source is the most effective method of sorting waste. Start your 2023 on the right foot and make a sustainable change to your lifestyle.


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