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How IWESCO ensures quality services

How IWESCO ensures quality services

Quality management and efficient delivery of our services are two highly important aspects of our business. IWESCO prides itself on the quality of cleaning, disinfection, hygiene and waste control services. We also offer pest control and garden maintenance services, both of which are quality assured. This focus offers our customers a strategic advantage and ensures that they get their money’s worth.

High-quality service is the result of the efficient management of labour, chemicals and equipment, backed by a responsive, flexible and motivated team. IWESCO can offer all of these as a result of our transformation goals, training programmes and international accreditations. We also make use of SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality) files for each of our customers.

SHEQ files and quality management

SHEQ files are kept for every single one of our customers. They include all the required documentation needed for local and international standards to be met. Each file contains a record of our health and safety initiatives used at the client’s premises. These are put in place to ensure the well-being of the client’s staff members, visitors and our own employees.

The SHEQ files also document the environmental practices that we set up for our clients. Our goals are to minimise waste to landfill, improve recycling and lower the carbon footprint of our customers. By keeping a record of these initiatives and processes, we can track our performance along the way and ensure the quality of the services that we offer.

Occupational health and safety is vital

IWESCO deals with specialised cleaning equipment and chemicals on a daily basis. As such, we require exceptional health and safety protocols to protect our clients and our own employees. Health and safety are an integral and inseparable part of our business. Our health and safety policy defines the ways in which our management systems and associated risks are monitored, controlled and enforced.

Our management team is also dedicated to creating ideal conditions and providing the resources for the achievement of our health and safety objectives. The policy is available to our suppliers, customers and interested parties on request. It is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it conforms to the ever-changing standards and practices regarding occupational safety.

IWESCO accreditation​ and certification

We hold numerous international and local certifications that act as guarantees of our commitment to quality. Firstly, are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management. This certificate is awarded to companies that set up, maintain and improve upon their environmental policies, such as reducing the impact of their processes on the environment and reducing waste.

We are also ISO 9001 compliant in terms of our quality management systems in all of our operations. This international standard relates to the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. It is based on numerous quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, the motivation of top management and continuous improvement of all services.

IWESCO also implements the HACCP system for safety hazards. It stands for ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point’, and is the international system used for reducing the risk of safety hazards in the industrial sector. It requires that we identify and control all potential hazards (biological, chemical or physical) in our line of work to ensure the safety of our employees and our clients.

We are also a fully-compliant member of the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA). This means that we are dedicated to developing and setting high standards within the contract cleaning industry in South Africa. Being a member of the NCCA comes with many benefits to the clients that choose to use IWESCO.

All of these certifications and practices provide our customers with an assurance that they will receive a professional, efficient and high-quality service. We conduct monthly customer review meetings to assess our performance and improve upon any areas in which the client is not fully satisfied. Our commitment to quality is what drives our efforts for a clean, safe and environmentally-friendly nation.


IWESCO offers specialised cleaning and waste control services to industrial and commercial customers in South Africa. These services are aimed at minimising our customers’ impact on the environment. Our services also include pest control, garden maintenance, fogging and disinfecting. Our staff are highly trained to offer the most professional services. IWESCO is a Level 2 B-BBEE supplier with ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

We are a one-stop shop for all your contract cleaning and waste control needs and have a national footprint. Our head office is located in Tshwane but we can provide services to any industrial and commercial client in the major metropolitan areas around South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Mbombela and more.

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